Friday, October 31, 2008

Fit Friday #2

Wow! It's Friday, once again!.... This week, for me, started out great!!! However, it quickly dwindled to little sleep, poor cranky baby who's getting two molars at the same stinkin' time!!!!! Monday and Tuesday I got in two good workouts! And all week long, I've been doing good with my diet. (There were a few days when I ate more junk than I normally would--I think my body was anticipating that normal "monthly" thing and wanted to act out!!)

Over all, I still feel this week was a success. I only got two workouts (although the week is NOT over, let's remember!) But my diet continues to be good, and the best news of all--I LOST A POUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's nice to see all of this paying off again! Due to the season my family and I are in right now, it has been more and more difficult to stick to a good workout routine--our schedule completely changed once school started! So, now that I'm determined to get back into a good routine, it's once again paying off!!

Even though I wasn't able to meet all my goals for this week, it was still a good one! And, as I said last week--it's a new week, another fresh start!!


One More Equals Four said...

great job! It really is hard to get into a new routine, especially with children who are the eternal wild cards. You did have some success, though, so keep it up! Good luck this week!

Life In Progress said...

A pound gone is AWESOME! Way to go. Teething babies always make me want to reach for the ice cream, so great job for sticking with it!

Have a great week.

The Smiths said...

apound is a pound. That is awesome.

The Sullivan Sitcom said...

Keep up the great work! And ANY amount is great!

Rach@In His Hands said...

Way to go!
I agree with the comment you left me about using weights...I have always been a runner, but haven't really seen a change with my body until I started do weight training!
Also, thanks for sharing your friends blog. I will definitely check it out!

Sarah said...

I am with you on the teething thing - Miss A is clinging to me for dear life!! She has two coming in as well.

You had a great week. And you lost a pound - Awesome job!

Tara said...

Go girl with your weighing in blog.. that's a cool idea and a great way to document your journey. I'm thinking I need to join your hot for the holidays thingy. I'm really now getting into fitness again. I'm training again and so hopefully the ol pounds will go away and tone up. I'm excited as I'm not using a scale.. i need to use a tape measure.
Great Job Sara!