Monday, October 12, 2009


So, I wasn't going to workout today.... For whatever reason, I just didn't really want to. We headed out to the store this morning just after breakfast--and that literally takes us all morning! When we got home, it was time for lunch which is immediately followed by nap time...

Well, we did all of that, and I even got to close my eyes for a 1/2 hour or so too! Then I got my oldest son up, we had our "school snack" and then did school together. The other 2 kiddos gradually woke up, and it was mid-afternoon. All of the sudden, as the kids were coloring/snacking/playing, I decided I would workout!

So, I did pilates again today. It just seems to work for me. Like I said, I am trying to be more focused and intense with it. It makes me feel good that I am at least doing something consistent. That's a good start for now. So, there you have it!

Tomorrow we're going to the park--that will be a small workout in and of itself...:)


Sarah said...

Good for you! Do what you like doing, otherwise you end up dreading working out.

Sara said...

SO TRUE! thanks for that!... i've really been struggling--so much has changed--esp. eating habits right now... so, i feel like i should be working out more or something to compensate, but then i don't really have the resources, room, time to do that right now, if that makes sense... so, while i just want to be happy with doing 20 minutes of hard core pilates, for some reason, i'm not... so, thanks for the encouragement! you're right, i do NOT want to dread it--b/c then i won't do it!! i think another goal i need to work on is eating right now too--i've picked up some habits here in scotland that aren't so great... wouldn't be so bad if it were in moderation, but it's NOT! anyway, i may blog about it soon.... again, THANKS, friend! love you!!