Monday, November 9, 2009


Well, today is, in some sense, a Monday!! After last weeks failed attempts to workout at least 3 times, I was really hoping to get 3 workouts in this week--our last week in Scotland!!! However, upon getting my computer fired up and putting my pilates disc in, I realize my disc has been ruined. Looks to me like sticky little fingers must have gotten ahold of it. In fact, my computer was all but spitting it out. It was making all kinds of gurgling noises... So, I did some ab work by myself, and called it a day! Wow, do I have big plans once I get back to the states!!! I've been realy inspired lately to pick up running again--even though it's not my favorite, it's always a good workout, and it's especially encouraging and inspiring to work toward running in different races too! I would also like to add in some weight lifting. But I have to be reasonable about this, people. I have just found out that I have been accepted into the Nursing Program and will start in January. So, I would like to get in a good routine of something, but like I said, I have to be realistic as far as time and energy go. While I know that exercising will be a great stress reliever, and should give me more (much needed) energy, I am also aware of how much time and energy balancing everything will take. So, I do not want to be lazy or throw "being healthy" to the back burner.... Just saying, (once again), that I have to be realistic... Hopefully, I'll continue to get encouragement toward this end... Thanks, everyone! And a happy Monday to you!!:)


Sarah said...

Working out is SUCH a huge stress reliever... and I'm now finding out just how much! I feel like I'm biting Kris' head off every five seconds!

I love running, and I'm looking forward to running in more races. We should aim to do Race for the Cure together or something like that. I know you're mother in law battled Breast Cancer and so did Addie's mother, so I would love to run for them!

I hope you all are on the mend. Love you guys!

Coach Yari said...

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