Monday, July 28, 2008

Mondays are hard!!!......

Monday is always a hard day for me!.... After the weekend... Two days of not getting up to workout... etc.... So, today, I knew we weren't getting up to go to the Y. Alexis is in finals week this week and knew she would be up late lastnight, so canceled for this morning.... We talked about going to the Y this afternoon together, but I decided to run at home after Shane got off work... So, I went out at 5:15 or so (yes, the hottest time of the day!) and ran.... It was SO STINKING HOT!!!!!!!!!!!... So, I ran a little over a mile... I felt I could have done another mile, but it was WAY too hot! So, I did some ab work before calling it quits.... I'm aiming for FIVE days of working out this week!!!!!

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