Wednesday, July 30, 2008


So, I actually DID workout yesterday (Tuesday) despite the lack of a post!!! We had visitors--my older brother, sister-in-law and two daughters!!! So, Tuesday was busy cleaning and getting ready!.... I knew we'd be up late, so I cancelled for Wednesday ahead of time.... But we'll be back at it tomorrow!

Alexis and I have both been tired this week!! I feel I'm still trying to catch up from traveling, and Alexis has finals this week for her summer class (Microbiology)! So, we had a good workout, but we started out tired yesterday!.... We did cardio for 45 minutes, then speed work (sprints) with push-ups and crunches in between. Then we finished up with some ab work at the end! Good workout!!

Oh yeah, I also was involved in a plank contest lastnight with my brother, niece and Shane!! Brian won (barely)!!! But I gave him a good run for his victory! It was Shane's first time doing a plank, but he did GREAT! And my niece, Alexis, got sat on by her little sister--so that wasn't really fair!:) It was fun anyway!

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