Thursday, July 24, 2008

Priority = Sleeping In Today

Well, I just couldn't do it this morning!!! I think everything has finally caught up with me!.... I did wake up, and in all honesty, I could have gone to the Y to workout! However, I knew I would be useless the rest of the day.... These are the times when my priorities HAVE to stay in line!!! Is it better that I get my workout in for the day or that I am more rested for my family?!.... Today was NOT one of those days when a workout (at 5am) would give me more energy--you know what I mean??!!.... I was confident I would have only been trashed for the day!.... So, my choice was to sleep for another two hours or so, and if I get a chance, maybe workout somehow at home. But no matter what, I'll be ready to get back to the Y tomorrow!!!!.... On days like this, I make sure I still drink plenty of water, and I watch my food intake extra close!.... So, here's to priorities!! CHEERS!!!

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