Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tuesday Success!

Okay, this morning, I'll admit, I did NOT want to get up AT ALL! But I kept reminding myself that my tiredness has not even begun!! There is no way I could bail on a day like today! I need to save those "bails" for a later date in the semester, when I'm truly tired!!!.... Alexis is actually feeling the same way as she's now officially started the nursing program at MSSU!!! She's still getting used to her schedule and it's a little overwhelming right now!... Anyway, we made it this morning! I ran a 5k again!! I shaved another 30 seconds off my time this morning!! I decided I needed to push myself this morning and was glad I did....

Now, I have some major confessing to do... My diet has been out of control lately!! And when I say out of control, seriously, I mean it!!! It's like this... I make cookies to celebrate or when having guests for dinner, and I eat not one or even two. No, I eat 5 or 8!!!! Yep, I'm serious! In fact, I did this lastnight!!! And this morning, when I woke up, my stomach was aching!! Not to mention, the scale is being really mean to me right now!! So, my previous post about losing 13 lbs. doesn't mean as much now!... Anyway, I wanted to confess this so that I could have some accountability about it!... I was thinking of posting what I eat each day on the blog!... Maybe that will help me actually pay attention and think through my food choices. Feel free to give me suggestions if you notice something that might possibly be hurting me and my healthy, weight loss efforts!

So far today..... 1 slice of whole wheat bread w/ peanut butter before working out. A bowl of kashi go lean & multigrain flakes mixed w/ skim milk and some coffee w/ creamer and splenda. For lunch, I had a peanut butter & honey sandwich (we had a picnic at the park!) and one chocolate chip cookie (now they're GONE!). I'm working on my 2nd full 32 oz. nalgene water bottle for the day! Hope to finish it and get one more in! That would be 96 oz. of water today! I may have a snack this afternoon and then eat dinner tonight.... If I have a chance I will post later today or possibly in the morning....

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Sarah said...

From this post your diet doesn't seem very bad at all. I struggle around this time of the month (if you know what I mean). I crave chocolate ALL the time and can't stay out of the frozen chocolate chip in the freezer that Kris didn't use when making cookies.

I've always heard that working out before you eat is best so it dips into your fat stores instead of burning up whatever you just put into your body. They say that if you can't workout right away in the morning eat, but wait an hour before working out. (This is from Body for Life).

If you want to get really picky on the diet here is what I would recommend: The cookie is an obvious one (You know how I am with cookies too though), I would use reduced fat or even better all natural peanut butter, instead of using honey I would recommend a sugar free jelly.

Other than that it really doesn't look like you're eating all that bad - Well at least not today anyway.

Also - Great job on the running. UNBELIEVABLE!