Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wednesday = Off Day

As it is right now, Wednesday is an off day for me!... I typically like to try and work out every day of the week, but with my schedule these days, it's nice having a day off! I think it will help me to not get burnt out!!! So, here's my food journal for today.... (It's not that great, I'll just let you know up front!...) For breakfast: bowl of kashi go lean and multigrain flakes cereal w/ skim milk, coffee and water. Another cup of coffee in mid-morning. Then for lunch: a bowl of grapenuts and multigrain flakes cereal w/ skim milk. Then for an afternoon snack I had a cup of light key lime pie yogurt (it's awesome!). I had two different chocolate things today (what is my problem with chocolate these days?!...) First a chocolate wafer "thing" from Japan (thank you, Kacie!) Then a snickers bar after class! I was SO hungry, it was the lesser of all the evils staring at me in the store!!!!.... Then for dinner, a turkey sandwich and some bbq chips.... So, I know that having some not so good choices--like chocolate, etc.--is not the worse thing, but my problem is right now I'm not watching my calories very well!! So, I really don't know how they're fitting in and how much I'm going over what I need to continue losing weight.... So, I really need to just buckle down, get a little more disciplined and make room for chocolate treats!!!... I desperately do NOT want to backslide at this point!! So, hopefully that will be my motivation!! I would love continued suggestions on how to eat better--get full with healthier foods and less calories, etc. Thanks!!:)

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