Saturday, September 27, 2008

Crunching Cheerios!

Crunching Cheerios.... You may be wondering what in the world this is all about!.. Well, yesterday, I did get a workout in--30 minute taebo workout and 20 minute pilates/yoga workout! So, to unveil the mystery of my post title.... I typically do the taebo workouts in my bedroom (since that is where the VCR is). So, upon beginning the workout, I realized I was "crunching" something on the floor. And wouldn't you know, it was a bunch of cheerios from my one year old!!! Now, I apologize if this fact about myself disgusts you, but I do not vacuum my house every day! I hope my mom doesn't read this, she might be really disappointed in me! (Although, I'm sure she knows this about me already....:) Anyway, just so you know, I picked up all I could see, but still have yet to vacuum!! Vacuuming is (obviously) my least favorite cleaning ritual.... I had to laugh since every few times I picked my feet up, upon placing them back down on the floor I'd hear a crunch!

I'm not posting a food journal for Friday.... I've barely posted any this week!... So, next week I'll get back to posting food journals each day... My hubby is leaving for 10 days come next Wednesday. So, my workouts will be at home for that week and 1/2. I'm hoping to get to the Y Monday and Tuesday of next week before he leaves!


Sarah said...

This cracks me up. I just has a discussion with our friend "M". Her house is ALWAYS emaculate! Her and I went to a resale store to look for the kiddos some clothes and I asked her how she keeps it all up (because my house is beginning to stress me out - CLUTTER!) She told me that she has the same routine everyday and that she vacuums everyday. I'm good to get one vacuum in a week and I even have a DOG!!!

She says she does it in the morning or she doesn't get it done at all. And that's how I feel about my workouts. If I don't do them in the morning, I don't have the time to do them at all. That's why in the past I've had one good day of thoroughly cleaning my house - bathrooms and all. But that's just not cutting it anymore.

When I read your "crunching story" I laughed out loud because the other night Kris and I went into our bedroom to go to bed. We always keep our bedroom doors closed so the kids don't play in there and so the dog doesn't go in there either. Well, "N" that evening chose to have his "wind-down" time on our bed and watch a Veggie Tale (keep in mind I only have him crackers for a bedtime snack). When Kris and went to go to bed we walked through our doors and it smelt like food. The first thing out of my mouth was, "is that food or did he have an accident on our bed?" We turned our room upside down and we found nothing. I still have NO idea where the smell was coming from - talk about scary!

Sara said...

oh, sarah, that is funny... well, i guess i can laugh! i hope the smell went away!:) anyway, that's what i usually do--clean good once a week! obviously, if something comes up or gets extra messy i will clean it up. but that's all i do... as for clutter, i used to be able to handle a little, but i will say that these days i can't STAND IT!! i guess maybe now that our family is getting bigger, we have more stuff! so, we pick up every day for sure, sometimes multiple times a day... but as for the deep cleaning, that's usually once a week!!! i really don't see myself EVER changing that!:) i'm glad to know you're in the same boat! i was always impressed w/ your house! you have kids and a dog and it is ALWAYS clean and smells good too!! now, i'm being honest here... if i didn't know max (and hear him in the other room when we visit) i would never have known you had a dog!! that's amazing to me.... anyway, yep, i know what you mean about working out too!!! there are a few days of the week that i purposely reserve the afternoon for working out, but other days it just couldn't happen! so, i workout in the morning... somedays it is very hard to end up making myself work out in the afternoon. in fact, one day last week i just cut it out altogether! too many other things higher on the priority list! thanks for commenting!!!... so, did you figure out the smell?? is it actually gone??...:)

Sarah said...

Thank you for your nice comments. I always fear that my house will smell like dog. We're pretty good about giving Maximus his baths, which is actually a shower so he can't run from us!

Yes, the smell was actually gone. The only thing we could figure out is that I had cooked Tacos for dinner that night (and you know how sometimes the smell lingers a bit). Well when the kiddos go to bed we close some of our air vents so the kids get more air. We close their bedroom doors at night and sometimes it can either get too hot or too cold. We think that when we did this it also caused the air to go into our room which made it smell like "food". But Kris and I got a good laugh out of it.

Emily said...

That is so funny! I'm actually a bit of a vaccum freak, but you could write your name, and a few paragraphs, in the dust that I keep hanging around! I'm always worried about the cat hair and trying to make sure that it isn't lingering!