Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day... Ha!!

Well, it certainly was not a "labor day" for me!!!.... As you may have guessed, I did not work out today!... Well, unless of course, you consider pushing my daughter on the swing, playing bad mitten with my husband and son or filling up the pool so the kiddos can swim.... (Nah, that's no workout!) And this past weekend was doubly bad for me diet-wise! My husband graduated with two Masters degrees back in May, but because of a very busy summer, we held off on having a celebration bash until this weekend! So, with family and friends and LOTS of junk food, we celebrated!! But I am delighted to tell you that I weighed in this evening (not even first thing in the morning!) and I didn't gain any weight! In fact, I weighed in at the 13 lbs. lost I posted a couple of weeks ago! (Yep, haven't lost any since then!) But I was hovering just a little above that after posting it! So, it was nice to see (even after a junk food weekend) that I was back in it!!!... I'm going to do my best to use that as motivation to keep working hard!!!!! Tomorrow will be a Y day and than Wednesday will be a workout at home day--well, most likely it will be since today was an off day for me! We'll see how it goes... Wednesday is a pretty busy day for me, and since I'm unable to go to the Y in the a.m., it makes it pretty hard to fit in a workout. But I'll do my best!!! Thursday and Friday I should get a workout no problem!!!

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