Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tuesday... Back At It!!!

So, today we were back at it this morning (too early, if you ask me!)... And even though neither one of us wanted to, in fact, we both almost called it off, we went and had a good workout! Alexis is training for a 1/2 marathon on November... I considered doing the same, but I just can't commit to that right now. We're (most likely) going to do a 5k this Saturday and hopefully a few more this year as well!... My foot was feeling weird this morning, so I steered clear of the treadmill so as to not aggravate it anymore! I hopped on the eliptical machine and did 35 minutes of interval training--the "weight loss" program on the machine. It was a tough, good workout! I was dripping with sweat and burned 450 calories!!! Then we did a nice, tough ab workout as well!... So, good day, and as usual, I'm SO glad I went!!!

Something else I wanted to post about today was this.... I have trouble, as you regular readers know, with eating good, filling foods, and sometimes I have trouble with just making good choices! Well, this morning, because we haven't received a paycheck for this month yet and last months grocery envelope is empty, I had to get a little creative for breakfast! I have never made french toast before (I know, pathetic, right?). But I figured I had eggs, bread and milk... and what else do you need??... I looked up a recipe real quick online to make sure and then made a pretty healthy little breakfast!.... Here's what I did:

Whole wheat bread dipped in eggs (with milk, if you like). Heat a skillet and grill the bread dipped in egg mixture. After flipping a time or two, add cinnamon and splenda mixture to both sides and grill a little more. Now, I added syrup for my kids, but if you leave that off, it's a pretty healthy breakfast really!... I suppose you may be able to find some sort of light syrup, if you can't live without it! But I thought it tasted pretty good without syrup--(just don't try it with syrup or else you'll realize the difference!:)

I just wanted to share this recipe with you all! I have found, when trying to eat healthy, that I tend to get stuck in a rut. But there are SO many healthy recipes and foods out there! Anyone else have any good ones to share??...


MamaHenClucks said...

Love the french toast recipe - Sometimes I'll make extra and keep it in the freezer to microwave on a short morning!

We also make bean burritos to keep in the freezer for quick breakfast for hubby. He loves them and if I don't stock them, he buys (the much more caloric kind) them from the burrito guy by his office.

Good for you for getting up this morning and making your workout a priority! I had trouble just getting kids to school!

Sarah said...

This recipe sounds awesome - thanks for sharing it. Good for you for getting up so early and working out. I don't know how you do it!

You had every right to be bad this weekend - you were celebrating. But still... it's got to feel good when getting on the scale and seeing the numbers drop!

Also, don't think that you have to keep up with me on the water. 3 Nalgene bottles full is actually perfect and the amount you should be drinking. I have always been a HUGE water drinker (have you ever seen me without my water bottle?!?)

Great job Sara! I'm proud of you for hanging in there!

Marina said...

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