Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday, Already...

I actually can't believe it's Monday already!... Does anyone else feel that way today??... So, the Y was a no-go this morning. Alexis and I both had lots of studying to do lastnight, so we canceled! But I decided I still needed to try and get a workout in today!!! So, this morning, after dropping my oldest off at preschool, I came back home, did my Bible Study, and then did a 40 minute taebo workout with some ab work afterward! It felt nice to get in a workout today!!!

And here's my food journal for today so far...

Breakfast: multigrain flakes and grapenuts mixed with skim milk = 320 calories

Lunch: peanut butter sandwich with whole wheat bread and 18 pretzels = 430 calories

I'll post the rest later tonight!

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Ladies In Christ said...

Good for you on getting in a Taebo workout. I love those workouts! I think it's great that you change things up. This doesn't give your body a chance to get used to what your doing! Awesome Job. Good luck on the Chemistry test!

* I'm still logged in as Ladies in Christ, but I'm sure you know this is Sarah