Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Monday & Tuesday


So, I just didn't get to posting lastnight to finish up my food journal....

Dinner: Asian rice & veggie dish, 2 pieces of whole wheat toast, and cup of steamed broccoli = 420 calories.

Late night: Cup of hot chocolate w/ cool whip = 180 calories.

*Total for Monday = 1350 calories--good place to be!!!


As hard as it is to believe, and as hard as it was to do, we actually went to the Y this morning!!! After not going at all last week (and only getting two workouts in) it was pretty difficult getting up this morning! (Not that it's ever all that easy....) It was truly a battle of the will.... Everything inside of me was saying "GO BACK TO BED!!!" But praise the Lord for friends and accountability!! So, I ran a very slow 5k, but I finished it! Then, of course, we finished the workout with some ab work! After the workout was over, I was SO thankful we made it this morning!!!

Food Journal:

Breakfast: 2 pieces of french toast (earlier posted recipe) = 210 calories

Mid-morning snack: Pretzels = 50 calories

Lunch: 2 eggs and one piece of whole wheat toast = 210 calories

I've had a few bites of my son's popcorn (made w/ olive oil). Not sure how many calories that is??....

*Will post the rest of today's food journal either later tonight or tomorrow!

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Sarah said...

Good for you for going to the gym. That must be sooo hard to get up, so I'm amazed that you do it. (Heaven forbid I get out of bed before 7:00!)
You're doing awesome on the diet and food journal. Keep up the good work!