Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tuesday--And That's a Wrap!!

Food journal to end Tuesday:

Afternoon snack: Light strawberry/banana yogurt & protein shake = 180 calories

Dinner: Whole wheat tortilla, shredded chicken w/ taco seasoning, lots of lettuce, salsa & a little bit of shredded cheddar cheese = about 420 calories

Late night: cup of hot chocolate & cool whip & small bowl of cereal = 230

Total calories for today = 1300

Water intake = working on my 5th liter!! (Aren't you proud of me, Sarah?!!:)


Sarah said...

I'm always proud of you!!! You're doing awesome! So were you in the bathroom alot. It blows Kris' mind that I can drink 1 liter at one time. There are times that I'm just that thirsty! I LOVE water.

Sara said...

ME TOO!!!:) it was kind of comical, i found myself still THIRSTY after having drank 4 liters!!! CRAZY!! but if our bodies are going to crave something--what better thing to crave, right??!!...