Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Back In The Swing...

I just finished my workout for today! I did 40 minutes of taebo! It was pretty good... I've really tried to watch my diet today! I let myself have a LOT of sweets, and in the past week I've been out to eat a few times--to my fav restaurant in Joplin where I typically stuff myself with too many chips before my food even arrives! So, I've been wanting to get back on track--watching portions and intake of better calories instead of empty ones!

Breakfast: bowl of multigrain flakes and toasted oats w/ skim milk = 190 calories

Lunch = turkey, provolone, lettuce on two toasted whole wheat pieces of bread w/ spray 'i can't believe it's not butter' and garlic powder = 270 calories

I'm on my 2nd liter of water today! Oh, and yesterday I visited Strabucks (mmmm...good!) and they messed up my drink--gave me a tall instead of a grande. So, they let me keep both drinks! Cool!! So, I am planning on having that drink this afternoon sometime.... I was saving it for after I did my workout! A little treat... I need to figure out how many calories are in my fav Starbucks drink!...

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Sarah said...

I totally know how you feel with family in town. We've had someone in town since Sept 11, and now we're about to leave town. It starts to takes it's toll on you. I'm proud of you for jumping back in.
I need to start doing a food journal again, but I think I'll do it when we come back from Dallas. It's hard to calculate stuff when someone else is cooking it, or when your at a restaraunt.
Great job Sara!