Monday, October 6, 2008


Well, it has certainly been a while since I've posted... It's mostly due to the fact that the last week or more has been simply CRAZY around here! I had a birthday, my husband left the country, we had visitors over the weekend (with some unexpected extras as a sweet and wonderful surprise!!!)... All that to say, it has been busy. I haven't been doing the best w/ my diet, and I only got in one intentional workout last week! (I say that because there were a few days when just the course of the day felt like a workout to me!) Nevertheless, this week I'm determined to get back on a schedule. Since hubby is MIA, I will not be going to the Y. But I have plenty to do at home! I received some hand weights and a new exercise ball that I need to try out!!! So, my plan is to get at least three workouts in this week!! Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Monday and Wednesdays are hard for me unless I get up early (which is definitely hard without my workout partner!!) I may try to throw in a workout on Saturday too--hubby comes home that day, so we'll see... So, there's my plan for the week....

So far today I've had a bowl of cereal--about 200 calories. I think I'll get back to posting a food journal--it's nice accountability!

To all who have been disappointed at my lack of posts, I do apologize.... (I know there are so many!....:) Please be checking back this week for frequent updates! I'm back!!!!!

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