Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Exercise Ball.. Something New!

So, my bday was a couple of weeks ago, and I told my hubby I would love some new workout "stuff." So, he and the kiddos got me a few things, one being an exercise ball! I had yet to pull it out and use it, but today I did! It was a pretty good workout. It was nothing like a cardio workout, but I worked lots of muscle groups. The ball came with an exercise chart, and I did several of the exercises. However, there were a few I didn't like, but I also added in a couple I've done before. (And I think I might have made a couple up too!)

All in all, it was a good workout! I'm really wanting to get some good cardio in this week on top of doing toning work--like the exercise ball! There are 4 days left in the week--it's possible!! I've been doing pretty good with my diet too! Hopefully, getting back to routine workouts will help that scale to start dropping again! And help me get into some of my "even older clothes!" (Yeah, you know, the ones I've been saving since I got married--when I was SO thin!!!) Surely those clothes are out of style now... I guess I don't care! The day I can fit into those, I will most certainly be wearing them (with pride too!!!:)


Sarah said...

I LOVE the exercise ball. Every time I get it down AJ follows me around saying "Ball, Ball, Ball!"

I am so like you on saving close. I can fit into the clothes that I store away when I got pregnant with Noah, but it doesn't look very pretty. Just because I can get into them doesn't mean that I can wear them out when they look like they've been painted on me!! So I still have some to go!

Also, is it me, but I don't like wearing things tight anymore. I love a good pair of baggy jeans. Of course, they're not the most flattering things ever. But like today, Cold and gloomy, me in an old long sleeve t-shirt and an old baggy pair of jeans - LOVE it! And the part that makes me feel the best about this is that the pair of jeans I'm referring to I couldn't even get my tush into 6 months ago!! I know your right there with me on this. Your before and after pictures are awesome. You can totally tell how much you have accomplished!

I am SO proud of you my dear friend! Keep it up!

Membership Required said...

What a great gift because it will never get old. Plus it is a source of entertainment for kids too. Ours is at least. I have been working hard this week but I had a trainer tell me this week that sometimes you gain a few before taking it off. Felt a little blue about it but then came back and re read your post. It's possible to lose it with consistency. Thanks for inspiring. Checking in with you tomorrow.