Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fit Friday #4

Okay, friends, you are NOT going to believe this!.... (Because I'm not sure that I do, entirely...) But this week I lost 2 pounds!!!! I mean, what in the WORLD is going on here?!!!... Due to being sick last week, and having a pretty big weekend last weekend, I have been playing catch up ALL week long. Therefore, I did not work out this week once again! TERRIBLE, I know!.... But the scale continues to drop for me... My only fear is that I'm just losing muscle right now and not really pounds. Anyone have any insight into this? My wonderful hubby doesn't think it would go that fast, but I'm really not sure!

At least the pounds are dropping, right?... My plan for next week is to get back on track with working out!!! And, of course, continue to eat right! That seems to be working well for me right now!... I'm trying to remind myself that holidays are quickly approaching--which means LOTS of junk food and very busy schedules that do not usually include working out! So, I really want to hit it hard for that reason, and to just plain Get Hot for the Holidays!!!!! Hope everyone else had a great week this week!!


Sarah said...

Sara, this is AWESOME!! Good for you! I'm so proud of you.

I did a little research (you know me and research). Everything that I read said that you may start losing the muscle you developed around 2 weeks of no resistance training. But it still all depends on your body and metabolism, so you could easily be maintaining the muscle and it's doing it's job by burning fat.

I say keep up the good work!

Posh Mama said...

FAB U LOUS! Whatever you are doing, keep it up! Here is to another week of weight loss :)

The Devlin Family said...

You are doing awesome. I look at this sometimes, and think if you can do it, I can do it too. I have been trying to loose weight after Jonah, so I am on that same journey. Sometimes when I'm feeling weak, I try to look at this and think about you stuggling too! Thank you for that.

Happy Thanksgiving and we miss youa all.