Monday, October 19, 2009


Just finished today's workout! Feels good to have it done... One thing I've decided, and I may have hinted around about it before, is that I really need to focus on my eating habits and intake. I've created a horrible habit here in Scotland of eating at night. I don't mean because I'm hungry... I mean because it's something I do every night--even when I'm not hungry... Even when I'm still full from dinner!!!! Yeah, pretty bad, huh? So, my goal right now (along with working out 3 times a week) is to watch my portions, eat when I'm hungry and eat better foods. It's been slow in finding healthy foods--not because they aren't here in Scotland, just because things are worded differently and/or there are different things more common here that are healthier for me. So, I believe I've found some good snacks, and I'm doing pretty good at meal times too. So, if I can just watch my portions and eat only when I'm hungry--I think that will go a long way while I'm working on my core with pilates!!

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