Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Wow! I can't believe it's already the 21st of October! How crazy! I can't believe I've actually been getting regular exercise either!... So, there you go, huh?... Yep, that's right. Today I worked out. Pilates once again. I feel that I'm really able to tell a difference--some of my clothes are fitting better--esp. in the core area, and I can tell that I'm getting stronger too. So, that's always nice! I've been trying to focus on my eating--like I mentioned before. It's been going better. I'm at least making wiser choices when I eat. Still eating at times when I'm not all that hungry, but I'm eating nuts or rice cakes or fruit instead of chocolate or bread and such. So, that's a step in the right direction at least. This week will be the week that I get 3 workouts in, surely!! I'll post when it happens!...

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