Friday, July 4, 2008

Fourth of July......

Today, there's no working out for me!! Man, I really STINK when I'm left on my own these days! I don't know what I'll do if (or when) Alexis and I have to work out separately due to schedules or something!... Hopefully, I'll be committed enough by then, and it will be at least because of habitual purposes, if nothing else!.... But I am going to watch my food intake today, at least!.... And I already know that tomorrow will not happen either because we have some friends stopping by (and my house will need some cleaning prior to that--which I will put off until tomorrow morning!:)

So, next week I am definitely going to do FIVE DAYS!!! It just has to happen! The following week will be tough because we will be traveling--so, there will be a mixture of exhaustion which lets my guard down, not to mention it's always harder when you're away from routine to make yourself do things like work out!... I'm taking shoes and work out gear with every intention of using them!!!!! I should have access to the internet to post how all that is going while I'm gone... Anyway, I would really like to have a GOOD week next week before being gone.

I do have to put something out there.... One of the reasons I'm not wanting to post my weight is because even though my body has changed SO much in the last few months, my weight is still the same!! It's CRAZY to me!!! I know it's because I'm toning and gaining muscle--which weighs a LOT more than fat! (I've heard it's as much as four times the fat!) That explains why some people gain weight when they start to work out and are lifting weights. We're doing strength training but not lifting a LOT so as to bulk up! Just toning.... I'm hoping it will really start to burn the fat, and I'll begin seeing evidence of it on the scale SOON!!! But I am at least happy because I can really tell a difference in my body, and I am wearing clothes I haven't been able to wear since before I was pregnant with Paige!! (She's my second... After having Zion, my oldest, I was able to get quite a bit of the baby weight off before getting pregnant again. So, that's a good goal for me right now!)

And one last thing.... A short term goal I have right now is to be able to wear this black dress I've had for a few years--wore it to my older brother's wedding! I want to wear it to my brother-in-laws wedding in two weeks!!! I can fit in it right now, but hopefully will look even better in two more weeks!!... There is also a pair of capris I can get on and even zip and button, but they're a little tight still... Hoping those will fit so I can wear them in public SOON! Those are just some short term goals I'm working toward right now....

Enough rambling for now....... Happy 4th of July!! Enjoy the fireworks!!!!

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