Thursday, August 14, 2008


I can't think of another word right now..... "Blah!..." That's how I have felt ALL day!! Today was SUCH a busy day too!... First, we had an appointment this morning at 8:15, and by the time we got home we were hungry and already worn out! Then, this afternoon, our cousins came over--all FIVE of them!!!! So, we had a busy, exciting afternoon!!! Then we had Z's open house for preschool tonight!! It was fun--watching him get ready for it and be SO excited was all worth it!! I knew if I did not get up early this morning to work out there was NO way I would fit a workout in!... Well, when I woke up this morning it was already too late!... So, it is now 10:10pm, and I have yet to workout today!... So, another unsuccessful day! But tomorrow is another day! And next week is a new week!!!.... I've been trying to decide how I'm going to workout tomorrow--I think I'll do it at home again... Next week, my goal will be to get to the Y three times--I think that might be do-able for this semester. Then do two days at home in between.... I'll keep you all posted!

Thanks for the encouragement yesterday, my dear commenters! I really needed it!

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Sarah said...

I can't get over Z going to preschool. It seems like you just had him, and now he's so big!!!

Again, I don't know how you are juggling all the things that you have going on right now. You completely AMAZE me! Of course, I've admired you for some time now, but that's nothing new!

I think you're not giving yourself enough credit. If I had the things going on that you do I'm not sure I would be able to workout like I have been. Your body doesn't need the added stress. I would take one day at a time until you and the rest of your family get into a normal routine again. Right now you all are going through some MAJOR changes! I'm here if you need me!