Monday, August 18, 2008

(Sigh....) We Made It To The Y!!!!!!!

Yes, it's true.... I can hardly believe it, and I definitely did NOT want to get up at 4:45 am this morning!!!! But I'm SOOO glad I did!!!.... Alexis and I have had to adjust our schedule a bit with school starting, and here's what we've come up with: Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings we will be going to the Y. On the other days, we'll try to workout on our own (which has been REALLY hard for both of us!) But priorities have to shift a little right now, and getting up every morning at 4:45 am, for this season in my life, is just NOT possible!! So, we'll attempt three mornings a week and see how that goes! I'm hoping to get some sort of workout in on the Tuesdays and Thursdays as well!... We'll just see how things go!...

Oh, and a HUGE update!!!! (I'm still not ready to post my actual weight... I just can't... I'm ridiculous, I know!) But all of the sudden I am down 13 lbs.!!!!!!! I was SO excited!! This picture gives you a little taste of how I was feeling when I stepped on the scale and was down 13 lbs.!!!!!

You see, this weight thing has been tough for me.... I can tell my body is changing, but the scale has NOT been moving!... Until recently. At first, there was a 5 lb. difference or so, then an 8 lb. difference... I guess I didn't think them noteworthy enough because I wanted to wait until they were really consistent for a long period of time!... (You know, water and different times of the day can all play a part in a few pound difference from day to day or hour to hour, etc.) Well, I have fairly consistently been down 10 lbs. now, but for some reason, I guess I wasn't as excited as I should have been! (I have really been wanting the scale to move MUCH faster than it has been!) However, lastnight I jumped on the scale just after my husband got off, bragging to him that I had been down 10 lbs. lately, and I wanted to show him.... Well, to my utter surprise I was down another THREE POUNDS!!! That makes 13 total!!!! I was thrilled with this, for some reason, and wanted to share!... Thanks to all who have been encouraging me along the way!!!


Sarah said...

This is AWESOME. You and I are exactly the same on weight loss. I'm right at 13 lbs too!

I'm not sure if it says in earlier posts, but when did you start losing the weight? I didn't know how long it's taken to get to 13. I know I hate it that it takes SOOO long to lose weight. I lose weight very slow myself. It can be frustrating and VERY disappointing.

I'm very happy for you - see, your hard work has paid off. And the time that you took off is obviously exactly what your body has needed. AWESOME JOB!

MamaHenClucks said...

Don't you love when you get a little extra something when you are only expecting so much? Way to go!!