Saturday, August 9, 2008

Flat-Ab Friday!

Well, yesterday didn't start as early as normal.... Maybe because I didn't even set my alarm! That's right, I didn't even attempt to get up and workout! I admit it!... I don't know how Sarah
does it!!!!.... She's amazing!... Anyway, I did do an ab workout in the afternoon, while my kiddos were in the same room... I know, some of you are laughing just imagining it--from your own experience, I'm sure!... Yes, P, my daughter, was climbing on my stomach, or rather, JUMPING on it! And then, I tried some push-ups, and of course, she wanted to add 32 lbs. (which I was unable to do!) So, I got a pretty good ab workout but have NOT been doing well on my diet this week! So, this weekend my goal is to really watch my diet and try to get my mind back "into it" to have a good week this next week working out!!!! Two more weeks before I start classes--so, I want to do well!!!! Thanks for all the encouragement!!!

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MamaHenClucks said...

Back when my kids were little and I wanted to be in shape, I used to use their baby weight as my free weights! So many times one of them would be on my back while I was doing pushups or on my front. Ah, the memories!