Monday, October 27, 2008

Minus One!!!!

Well, I haven't worked out today yet... but I just HAD to post!!!! I got on the scale this morning and sure enough--I lost a pound!!!! WHAT?!!!!!!!!!! I mean, I have not been faithfully working out, but I will say I've done pretty good as far as eating goes... I guess when you chase three little ones around, you get some sort of workout, huh??...

I am planning to post about a workout this afternoon. Now, for any faithful readers out there, you may be wondering how that is going to happen! If I don't get a morning workout on Monday, I usually don't get one... Well, today, I just decided my whole afternoon was going to be devoted to working out.. before class!!! The kids are ALL taking naps today, so it should be able to happen. Hopefully I will have a positive post later today! But no matter what, I lost another pound!!!!

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Sarah said...

Good for you!!! That's the best feeling isn't it? Keep up the good work.