Monday, October 5, 2009


Well, I did it. I worked out today. I was torn this morning when I got dressed and ready to workout. I decided instead of doing this afternoon when some of the kids were sleeping, that since they were playing so well together, I might just try and get it out of the way this morning.... Well, I put in the Kempo P90X dvd, and realized it was almost an hour long... I just didn't think I could make it an hour... or maybe I should say, I wasn't sure if the kids and I could make it an hour!!! So, the other option was a 20 min. pilates video that I brought... Since most of the P90X workouts are close to an hour. So, that's what I did.... It was good.

My core is what I'm really wanting to target right now.... It's funny, growing up I always felt I was a little chunky (even though looking back, I think I was actually healthy!) Anyway, my stomach was always very flat--that's an area I never struggled with. For some reason, when I was probably 12 or something I started doing situps every night and/or morning--lots of them. That always seemed to help. Nowadays, that's my one issue! I guess having 3 babies will do that to you, huh??... Well, at least to me... I was one who ate whatever I wanted and did very little exercise during my pregnancies. Yep, I gained at least 40 lbs. with each pregnancy, and I think it was 60 lbs with my first (b/c I started out weighing less).

So, here's my dilemna.... As I said, I thought working out Monday, Wednesday and Friday would be a good start for me. And today I thought perhaps doing the pilates video would be good since I'm wanting to target my core. However, I barely work up a sweat doing the video, and I'm not sure if that will be challenging enough.... Anyone have any thoughts??... I'd appreciate it!

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