Monday, July 12, 2010


Well, it's probably silly for me to even update this... but somehow even if no one ever looks at this blog anymore, i still find it to be a small amount of accountability each day... So, the past 7 months or so have been pretty crazy, to say the least! First, we returned from Scotland and scrambled to find a place to live and feel settled. Of course, all of that took place during the holidays where there is always, unfortunately, extra stress! Then January hit and we started school--Shane started teaching, Zion started Kindergarten, and I started nursing school!!! A new level of stress was added into my life and my good habits slowly went away, and I started putting on weight and feeling terrible. The weight gain was slow, but it totals about 13 pounds in all. I can hardly believe it! And I hate even admitting it, to be honest! So far this summer we've traveled a LOT! My weight has stayed pretty well the same once I realized how much I was putting on. So, I see that as a plus. However, I have about 6 or 7 weeks before school starts again--which will bring that stress and crazy schedule again. So, I'm trying to get myself prepared!!!

Today, I am starting again. My goal is to lose those 13 pounds (at least), and to get myself ready for maintenance mode once school starts. So, this morning I met a friend and we walked 4 miles, then at home I did some ab work and some hand weights. I am planning on incorporating some of P90X into my new routine as well. I think I'll mix and match what I do. I am also planning on running along with walking. I am also cutting a lot of things out of my diet. I know I need carbs while having an intense exercise routine, but I will be careful how much. And I'm even thinking that this fall during school, I may go totally low carb! That seems to work for me when I'm not able to exercise as much.

So, there you have it, people! It's a life-long path, isn't it? One that personally I seem to sway here and there on... But I do feel that I know my body pretty well these days. So, I'm confident I can reach my goals!

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